The Daily Post Writing Promt: Burnt

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burnt.”

When you are faced with a crisis like this, it makes you reconsider your priorities. All of a sudden you become aware of your basic needs and subtract those things that you thought you need. I should bring my clothes with me, but the house is on fire and I have no time to pack a luggage as if I am going to a vacation. Should I bring food? It is a fire! My brains are secreting huge amount of adrenaline. Should I bring my make-up kit? Come-on! Who am I kidding? The house is on fire, I do not mind to be a transgender on a street without make up! It is not time to worry myself whether I look like a woman or a man! Ah! I need to save my personal computer by all means, because I am half way with my thesis! Oh my! My personal computer is just too bulky. I have no time to deassemble the pc otherwise I will be toasted myself. And there are my pre-internet era memorabilla: my diaries and photo album! Once I have lost them, I lost them forever. I have no digital copy! But then I left them all.

So in response to today’s The Daily Post’s Writing Prompt: Burnt, the things I should have brought with me when the house is on fire, but left them anyway are: clothes, food, make-up, personal computer and memorabilia. Instead, I have the fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire as best as I could. I have my mobile phone to call 911. And I have the insurance policy in my hand!

Let us all knock on wood that this scenario will not occur to us! Oops.. woods are flamable!