Why I Joined The Blogging Community As A Transgender Blogger?

We all have different reasons and motivations why we blog. We like to express ourselves, express our thoughts and feelings, share our experiences and to connect with other people who have the same interest like us. As for me, aside from expressing my thoughts and feelings, I enjoy reading and exploring different blogs more than wirting one myself. When I read your blogs, specially written by people like me who are transgenders who are writting about transgenderism, I do not feel alone. In my heart and mind I am with them in this virtual community. Like them, I also have the same struggles and sufferings. The blogs of other transgender people here who write about their experiences as transgenders are really inspiring. I am very happy to be able to get connected with you.

I am really looking forward to find more blogs of, for and about transgenders here in wordpress.com. I would like to be connected with you and also to communicate with you through our blogs. My vision is to have this transgender blogging community where we would connect our blogs, write, read and comment on our post and really become virtual friends. I am thinking more of a transgender bloggers club. A small community in this virtual world. That would really be nice!

I have just started blogging again. I really enjoy blogging. I always have the urge to share my thoughts and feelings. So far, I have already found a lot of transgender bloggers who blog about transgenders. I really hope that we could connect with each other and be able to comment on transgender and feminist issues through our shared struggles and experiences. I have already found some blogs writing about transgenders and I really enjoy reading all of them. As much as possible, I am also trying to comment on their blog entries.

I hope that this blog will grow with your blogs. Thank you!