About me? What about me? There is nothing much to say about me. After all, this blog is absolutely not about myself. Still, I am inclined to say something about me. Ok, here you go.. Some key words to start with: Double bad luck! OOps, what do I mean? Double badluck because I am an imigrant in a dominant white country. What is the other badluck? Oh, I am a transgender.

About this blog? I do not want to make any promises yet. One thing for sure is that the central theme of the blog content will always be about non-conforming gender behaviour. It is however not about my non-conforming gender behaviour in particular but more in general terms.

Thank you very much for your interest. You are always welcome to take a glimpse inside my head. Of course, I did not mean my brains litrally, but my thoughts. Also, thank you wordpress.com for providing people like me a venue and forum to express ourselves. The greatest advantage of internet and online blogging is that we could always be what ever we want to be. I always wanted to be a writer or a journalists. But I cannot be, because I do not really have a talent in wirting. I cannot even spell properly or write an article with flawless grammar. I do not have a brilliant imagination like J.K. Rowling. I am not as smart as Simone de Beauvoir or Luce Irigaray. And yet here I am producing something and what I have produced is being read by you. With this opportunity, I will always be greatful. But hey, we should be able to maximize the things we have right?


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there. If you ever want to contribute on Queer Landia, we’d be happy to have you, as we don’t have a bona fide transgender voice on the site as of now….hit me up if you’d like: I’m at mike at queerlandia dot com. 🙂


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