The Daily Post Writing Promt: Burnt

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burnt.”

When you are faced with a crisis like this, it makes you reconsider your priorities. All of a sudden you become aware of your basic needs and subtract those things that you thought you need. I should bring my clothes with me, but the house is on fire and I have no time to pack a luggage as if I am going to a vacation. Should I bring food? It is a fire! My brains are secreting huge amount of adrenaline. Should I bring my make-up kit? Come-on! Who am I kidding? The house is on fire, I do not mind to be a transgender on a street without make up! It is not time to worry myself whether I look like a woman or a man! Ah! I need to save my personal computer by all means, because I am half way with my thesis! Oh my! My personal computer is just too bulky. I have no time to deassemble the pc otherwise I will be toasted myself. And there are my pre-internet era memorabilla: my diaries and photo album! Once I have lost them, I lost them forever. I have no digital copy! But then I left them all.

So in response to today’s The Daily Post’s Writing Prompt: Burnt, the things I should have brought with me when the house is on fire, but left them anyway are: clothes, food, make-up, personal computer and memorabilia. Instead, I have the fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire as best as I could. I have my mobile phone to call 911. And I have the insurance policy in my hand!

Let us all knock on wood that this scenario will not occur to us! Oops.. woods are flamable!


2 thoughts on “The Daily Post Writing Promt: Burnt

  1. Great stuff; from what I gather here your personal expression and identity are things you THINK are your top priority; but when it comes down to it, your thesis is far more irreplaceable. Or so you think… until you realize that above all you value your life and safety, and you reach for the practical stuff. Above being feminine or being a student or having a past, you are a human.


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